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Why You Need Staging

Sell it Faster Sell it for More.


























Vesta's Staging service involves helping you to decorate your home to sell quickly and for More.  Staging can be as simple as de-cluttering and rearranging furniture, or as complex as furnishing an empty home from top to bottom.  Most projects lie somewhere between these two extremes, And I am here to help!

There is usually no need to purchase expensive decorative items, we will utilize what you already have to

co-create desired results~


Why Home Staging?


Because Home Staging romances buyers; When listing your home, keep in mind that Homebuyers shop with logic and buy on emotion. Their logical list of criteria pretty much goes out the window once a they walk into a home that makes them feel, “This is it!” 


Home staging creates a setting where more people can make an emotional connection with a house.

 My role as a home stager is one of showing you how to romance home buyers.

Together, WE will literally be setting the stage for buyers to fall in love with your property!

Why Vesta's

Why We're Great >

So, you have decided to sell your home, You have chosen a Realtor and are prepared to put your listing on the MLS, good work!  You want it to sell quickly and for top dollar right? YES!!! This is where I come in to further assist you toward your goal and help your property to be appealing to every potential buyer that walks into your home.



You see, simply stated, “Staging” is marketing your home. And properly marketing your home makes it stand out from the competition.  Thus standing out from the competition makes YOUR listing the MOST DESIRABLE! AND BONUS, WHEN YOU STAND OUT you may very well indeed sell quickly and for more whether the market is hot or not.


Think about anything you have recently purchased, and not on your normal list, whether it was on line or in a store. What made you buy it? MARKETING! Strategic Marketing is designed to capture your attention, influence you as a consumer, and hold your attention above all other options until you finally buy it!


This is by definition my role as a home stager, its one of helping you achieve the goal of “romancing home buyers”. together, we set the proverbial stage for most, if not all them, to fall in love with your home!!